Names for Degus

Bubble Gum
Tater Tot

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wow i named my 2 adults taz and spaz and the baby crash

i named my rats bubble and squeek and my chins indigo and lilica any one got any more idears for degus? i’m getting some in a cople of days and i have got the cage and degu setup as my dad calls it! i’v spen alot of money on them so i would like some nice names to go with them. they have a 3 tier cage wich is a whopping 110cm tall and loads of toys to go in it!


hey i just got 5 baby degus can you help me name them thank you


If your looking for funny degu names
most human names are amusing eg. paul or robert

ok so i got both a male and female degu i need some good names i want them to be cute but not too immiture. like really?…? soe names like munchkin and pretty girl i need a good name help me!! their young now so i want to teach them to learn their names at a young age. is it true that you can teach them how to fetch lol? that is what they told me at the pet store… she was weired anyway lolzz so plz give me some ideaz!!! thnx guys you rock!HARD!!! ~lauren

ya thats nice too humorus names are good too but it ight sound weired idk w.e i dc! lol so ya ur still awesome veryone ur soo kool like kool-aid!! XD peace out homiez! ~lauren :)

I am getting 2 more degu’s i have 3 aleady but the new 2 are boys i got some names in mind like.. Diego,bebo,Chimp,Smores,(one names cookie and the other names cream) Cookies & Cream lol :) idk

my dad said he’s gunna buy me a degu, i dont know what to call my degu, dont know whether to choose ‘rascal’ or something else :):D

hi i might be gettin, a degu,or a mouse,or a gerbil,or a guinea pig or a hamster (or dwarf hamster) and i like the names aero, bandit, blizzard, cadbury, oreo, popcorn, marmalade-marmalaid, soda, spice, sugar, tater tot
i like lots of names, but i want more :) i want to know more names :) 😀 :I hehe

I’m getting 2 degus for christmas, ive decided to call one nibbles, but i dont know what to call the other one!!!!!! :)

i just got 2 degu’s and called 1 justin and 1 bieber

i got a degu 2 days ago i named it dynamite after the song he is a boy

I had 2 degus, Nippy and Remple… Nippy died, and we had to find a new buddy for remple. we didnt find just 1, we found 2, and Im lookin 4 new names for them 😀

Im getting 2 degus but I don’t know what to call them or wether to get 2 boys or 2 girls I like the names bubble and squeak for girls and boys robby and Charlie. Please help me

Milly xx

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