Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Information

General Introduction to Airedale Terrier
Airedale Terrier is one of the terrier breeds. The Airedale Terrier is the grandfather of the terrier breed due to their size. They are the largest among the terriers. They needed this size to hunt big otters.

Airedale Terrier Physical Appearance
Airedale Terrier are having yellow eyes with hound ears, His main appearance is that he is having a beard. He is also commonly known as the dog with beard. The breed is 23 inches in height and the bitches are slighter less in size. Both male and female are well muscled. The dog is having flexible body. The front legs of the Airedale Terrier are straight and parallel to each other, and the rare legs are at a bend. Their toes cannot be turned either left or right. The tail is always straight upside. Teeth of the Airedale Terrier are very strong and white in color. Eyes are dark and skull is flat near the eyes, that’s why it is wrinkle free. The flatness of the dogs face(skull) ends near the eyes. The ears are v shaped and small.

airedale terrier

Colors of Airedale Terrier
This breed is colored tan on the head and legs. and the rest of the body is dark in color either black or dark grizzle.

History of Airedale Terrier
The origin of the breed is in England moreover it was developed in England itself. Their main purpose was to hunt the big otters. They are often called Often called the King of Terriers breed.

Nature of Airedale Terrier
The breed is recommended for hunting as well as it can be a faithful and good family pet as it is having a strong mind. This breed is having a great sense of humor. Airedale Terrier are always told what to do, they can not work on their own.

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I am looking to buy an Airdale Terrier puppy. I live in Co Cork, Ireland. Is there a breader of these pups anywhere??

Many thanks


need airdale puppy in palm bay,fl.

i would recomend finding a shelter first so you can save a puppy and shelter dogs are just as cool as breeder dogs but they are a lot cheeper

i need know more about this dog and where can i get

i am also looking for an Airedale pup, we just had our 13 yr. old Amstaff put down due to kidney failure. We love the terrier breed and want to go with an Airedale this time as we have had two bullies,and with the breed comes the stigma. So we are currently looking for a pup if any one has any good inside leads, much obliged, Dave & Kristen

We have some breeders here in South Africa…
Just kidding. We actually had an Airedale long ago. We now have a Keey Blue Terrier. An Angel…

Sorry for the typo. Should be Kerry Blue Terrier

I love the info you’ve placed about Airedales. I would revise that the “Airedale Terrier are always told what to do, they can not work on their own.” In my experience Airedales NEED to have Consistant direction and reward, if not they will find activities to follow on their own. Those include chewing and digging. I have been very lucky with mine but be sure that you have the space and/or patience for these super smart dogs to explore.

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