Horoscope Of A Pisces Dog

Its a general characteristic of Pisces dogs to doubt everything. They are forever curious, chasing and sniffing around things unknown to them. If you want them to belive in some hardcore facts you will have to let them find out that in their way. 

Generally, Pisces pets are endowed with the ability to anticipate future events. But this ability goes on to complicate their lives, and they fail to concentrate on their present. Trustworthy dogs are many a time driven by this zodiac. However, Pisces dogs can become aggressive and restless at times. But generally, Pisces dogs are compassionate, responsible and loving. They are always ready to help others out of difficult situations. Pisces dogs are wise, shrewd and loving. They know just the right way to get their friends and acquaintances to do what he/she wants them to do. Pisces dogs are a pleasure to have around. They are caring, attentive and sensitive. 

Pisces dogs are very soft-natured and gullible. Of course, they will rebel and bark if his/her interests are being compromised. While dealing with a Pisces dog, its ideal not be rude. Try not to intrigue him/her, you can just reason out with them. Pisces dogs pay good heed to reasons. They have a very intuitive instinct, thus they can easily understand and comprehend the feelings of other people. 

Dogs influenced by this zodiac are cheerful, funny and optimistic all the time. If you have ever received any form of help from a Pisces dog know that he/she has done that expecting nothing in return. However, if you are getting a Pisces dog for some special work, they might not be too good at that. Generally, this zodiac sign is very native and unambitious when it comes to professional life. In fact, you might not notice any zeal in your Pisces dog if you ask him/her to guard the door or look after the kids. They are quite reluctant and kind of want things to solve themselves. 

Dogs dominated by this star sign enjoy have a peaceful mind, not being bothered about every other thing. They would rather keep piling work unless they are urgent. However, if you require help with something, or if you are in any kind of danger, your Pisces dog will be there to save you!

Horoscope Of A Pisces Dog

Pisces dogs are not very confident, in fact, they are very shy. But that shyness of theirs does not come in the way of getting around with their owners or other people. A Pisces dog will never push you around. They would rather listen to you and stick around. Try not to give too much attention to Pisces dog, they do not enjoy that too much. 

Pisces dogs don’t like being the center of attention. They would rather enjoy the happenings like a third-party spectator. However, they usually find a way to get what they want and most of the times you will never find out how. So, if everything in the house is awfully silent, you need to go and check on your dog. He/she might be onto something. 

As mentioned earlier Pisces dogs are very peaceful. If things are not happening in their way, or if it is getting too loud, they might escape to their own kitty-corner. These dogs love to explore and find out exciting things. So you will often find your backyard all dug up!

There is more to learn about your Pisces dog, and here are a few pointers that can help you.  

Pisces: The Interpreter (February 19 – March 19)

  1. The Pisces Dog is yet another split-personality dog, pulled in two directions at the same time. When this is coupled with a slight lack of intelligence and deep sensitivity, then the end result is a very complicated dog.
  2. An unpredictable soul whose mind changes from one minute to the next, the life of the Pisces Dog will an endless ebb and flow of moods, changeability, and contrariness as inner feelings pull him or her in every direction. This dog will hardly ever know if he or she is coming or going…or even been there already.
  3. The Pisces Dog will be a good dog who truly desires to please. This will, at times, be quite obvious and lead to enjoyable experiences.
  4. Physically, there are no particular attributes or peculiarities associated with the Pisces Dog. He or she will be active and playful…on occasion…and unfortunately prone to leg and foot ailments since the ankles and paws tend to be weak.
  5. Any sign of limping by this dog should be investigated immediately. Mongrels tend to fare best under the Sign of Pisces, for this is the Sign said to contain qualities from all the other eleven.
  6. To be a Pisces Dog is to be a confused creature. It is not unusual to see him or her pacing between the fire, the basket, and the bowl.

Basically a water dog, this dog will be desperately unhappy without this element. Probably the favorite outing of the Pisces Dog would be a walk by the seashore…especially if a meal of fish is on the agenda. However, if an owner does not live by the sea or have a pond in the garden, then it will be necessary to fill the tub. The Pisces Dog becomes extremely excited at the sight of rain and when an owner takes a bath or shower, it is not unusual for the Pisces Dog to join in the ablutions. He or she will also come running with every flush of the toilet. Generally, the life of a Pisces Dog will be spent by putting his or her paw into it, while the other half will be concerned with trying to mend the situation. Forceful and pushy one minute, this dog is gentle, retiring and loving the next.

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