Horoscope Of A Sagittarius Cat

Does your cat like exploring new territories? Is he always curious to go to places no cat has ever gone before? If the answers are “Yes”, you may have your hands full with a Sagittarius cat! It is important to know, as humans, even the personality of a cat can be influenced by stars. 

The ninth astrological sign in the zodiac list is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius cats are born between Nov 23rd and Dec 21st. They are influenced by the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. Their key color is blue and they prefer fire as their to-go element. 

Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius cats too are full of energy and enthusiasm. Cats born to this zodiac have a very happy-go-lucky nature and always have their tail up with curiosity. These cats have springs attached their paws evident by the way they jump and bounce with every step.

Sagittarius cats are gregarious by nature. They are the first ones to welcome guests and are very excited to have people visiting them. Additionally, they are fun-loving and charming, always on the lookout to have more people around them. If you are talking about a party animal, you are referring to a Sagittarius cat! If you are an adrenaline junkie, a Sagittarius cat can be your ideal companion. 

Going back to the history books one can find a lot of references for cats traveling with sailors, explorers and pirates. Sagittarius cats are just ideal for such voyages. They would be the first ones to board the ship and would hate to come down from it. They love traveling, even if it is a trip to the vet they will be all pumped up to go. 

However, make sure that their cat carrier has a good view and secure harnesses. They do not like uncertain security issues on travel. So if you plan to take them out for a drive ensure that the car seat has well to do seat belt. 

If you are not already aware of it, your Sagittarius cat loves hunting. They are number one hunters and excel at this activity both indoor and outdoor. Additionally, they love to bring home gifts for their masters. So be prepared to accept a dead mouse, lizards, stones and other junk items. If you want to sharpen their hunting skills you can get your Sagittarius cat a lot of toys that are very commonly available in the market. 

However, if you like to keep your Sagittarius cat indoor then make sure your TV has a lot of different programs to offer. Additionally, have as many window sills as possible so that they can have a variety of views to opt for. Add perch points to each of these viewpoints to keep your cat hooked at home. P.s Sagi cats can be taught to play fetch!

Though Sagittarius cats are very loyal and friendly, they enjoy freedom. In that light, it may not be a good idea to keep them locked up or else they might become very rebellious. However, if you do not have a safe outdoor, then trash train your Saggi cat. 

There is a lot more to learn about your Saggii Kitties, and the points below can be of help. 

Sagittarius: The Stable Cat (November 22 – December 20)

1. The Sagittarius Cat will be a cat of long voyages, dreams, and visions, possessing the speed and power of a horse coupled with the limited brain and wisdom of a cat.

2. Something of a split personality, this feline is driven by two forces that can combine to produce amazing behavior. Subject to serendipity, this cat is often in the wrong place at the right time.

3. The feline stuck up a tree is likely a Sagittarius Cat. A totally positive, energetic, cheerful and optimistic soul, this cat will be a joy to have around…particularly if the owner also keeps horses.

4. This feline needs freedom and a flexible lifestyle with plenty of challenges. It is important that an owner never tries to confine or restrict the Sagittarius Cat for this feline will know exactly how to retaliate with disastrous results.

5. The Sagittarius Cat believes that he or she resembles a horse. The sharply-pointed ears and snub nose belie this illusion, although the hair or whiskers may well belong like the mane of a horse.

6. Broad shoulders lend this feline a thick-set appearance from the front, while from the rear, he or she looks more like the stalk-end of a pear.

7. The Sagittarius Cat is unable to sit still for longer than a minute or two and walks with the stride of a drill sergeant. Most of the time this feline is almost disgustingly healthy, but is prone to hip dysplasia…a painful complaint that should be dealt with as soon as it is suspected.

8. This cat is driven by such a primitive urge for self-protection beyond the immediate environment that it is not unusual to hardly ever see him or her.

9. The garden next door will always prove to be more exciting and the Sagittarius Cat will launch from one frantic activity into the next glorious adventure…so much so that often the only sign of this feline may well be a glimpse of fur disappearing into the distance.

10. This cat will never be a very noticeable addition to the family…acting more as a passing guest who drops in occasionally and then drops out again almost before he or she has had time for a meal.

The Sagittarius Cat can be a truly sincere cat, capable of bestowing a considerable amount of affection…when he or she is actually present to do so. However, this feline is a mixture of fact and fantasy, unable to tell the difference between the two. He or she may be a cat today and a horse tomorrow…or even a dog the day after that. It will be the responsibility of the owner to sort out this confusion since the Sagittarius Cat will be even more befuddled than his or her human. It can help if there are other animals in the household, as this provides practical stimulation for the Sagittarius Cat, who is fond of feline companionship and delighted to allow another cat (or even more than one) to share home and family. Still, the true love of this feline’s life will always be horses.

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