Scorpio Cat

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Cat

Scorpio Cat

Scorpio is one of the most powerful zodiac signs which dominate the personality of animals and humans born between Oct. 24th and Nov 22nd. 

If you have a cat who is a Scorpio, then it is most likely to have the nature of Sphinxilike. Cats born in this zodiac are sensuous and inscrutable. They are very fickle-minded, calm in one moment and raising hell in the next. 

Your cat (if it’s a Scorpio) is brave and strong. It is obvious for it to have this nature powered by the influence of Mars, the planet of love and passion and of course Pluto, the planet of power.

Scorpio cats have beautiful and magnetic eyes. One looks into their bright sensuous eyes and a human is hooked. That is perhaps the reason why the famous cat quote by Theophile Gautier suits perfectly -“Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyes.”

If you have a Scorpio kitten you will never know what is actually going on in their head. Going beyond their obvious “feed me” “pamper me” and their daredevil acts, these cats have a lot of offer. 

scorpio Cat

If you have a Scorpio cat then you know full well how intense their gaze can be. Their eyes seem to penetrate one’s soul and it seems very hypnotic. However, if you have a Scorpio cat or if you are planning on getting one, then make sure you don’t return their stare with a bland unblinking look. They might take that as a sign of aggression and may retaliate. The best thing you can do is blink softly. You might be greatly moved to share your secrets with a Scorpio cat. Go ahead. But do not be under the impression that they will do the same.

Scorpio Cat

Like the star signs of Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio cats are ruled by water. Generally, animals dominated by the component of water are sensitive and intuitive. However, Scorpios add another adage to water.  

Scorpio cats are very drawn towards water. They love to drink fountain water and may join you in your nice quiet shower without even asking. 

Scorpio cats are drawn towards the alphabet “C”. That is the reason they choose a “C” type position for perching. They like to sit in a place where they have the advantage of keeping an eye on indoor activities, like cooking, cleaning, watching television, etc while keeping one eye open for outdoor activities like a bird or flying kites. 

Generally, the black cats that accompany witches on Halloween are Scorpio. They are dark, sinister and full of mystery. Scorpio kittens are very feisty, unpredictable, and revengeful and can get very aggressive if you try to make them jealous of another pet. Scorpio cats can be very secretive in nature. They love to hide and will make you play hide and seek when you call out their names. Likewise, they love to hide things as well. They might be hiding a dead rat a broken toy, strings or some other junk in the room. So search around if you smell something funky in your house. 

Scorpio Cat

Scorpio: The Cat’s Pajamas (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio Cat

1. The Scorpio Cat is a powerful cat with more than a mere sting in his or her tail. This resourceful and intelligent feline will delight in organizing things and people, finding the normal business of the domestic cat to be boring and mundane.
2. Determination is the guiding force of the Scorpio Cat…and it is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Felines, in general, are never easy to fathom and this particular feline is akin to a never-ending pit, being secretive, self-controlled and devious.
3. Deep inside (if the owner is ever able to delve that far), the Scorpio Cat is truly a rather mixed-up cat, desperately seeking love and security.
4. A Scorpio Cat may usually be recognized by a muscular body and beautiful eyes…the ideal specimen being one with jet-black fur and eyes of deep emerald green. However, the most notable feature will be the mask of imperturbability.

Scorpio Cat

5. Later in life, this feline stands out from the rest by his or her waddling walk…the result of over-eating…and often has bow legs.
6. Normally healthy, when this cat does become poorly, then he or she will be extremely ill. Under such circumstances, the Scorpio Cat expects (and usually receives) all the tender, loving care due to such a sick member of the family.
7. At the first sign of ill health (often a dry nose and labored breathing), even if it is suspected that this feline is malingering yet again, it is vital to book him or her into intensive care at the vet’s office.
8. If this is not done, then the Scorpio Cat considers the owner to be a failure who did not respond as expected. It will take a very long time for the Scorpio Cat to forgive this and the damaged relationship may never be repaired.

The Scorpio Cat will always remain a puzzle to the family…never where an owner thinks he or she might be…never doing what he or she should be doing. This is all a game to the Scorpio Cat…fooling the owner and leaving his or her human guessing. However, any owner of this feline will be in dire trouble if he or she guesses wrong. When this cat is cold, then he or she fully expects that the heating should be turned on.

But, the Scorpio Cat will not hover by a radiator and shiver…he or she is far more likely to sit by the refrigerator, washing his or her paws. If the owner offers food and not heat then, in the eyes of the Scorpio Cat, that owner has failed. This all comes about because the Scorpio Cat finds it well-nigh impossible to express true feelings. Conversely, he or she will be deeply intuitive of others where feelings are concerned, possessing the gift of empathy and the ability to read emotions.

This feline senses when an owner desires companionship and when he or she would rather be left alone. The Scorpio Cat is always strangely drawn to those unfortunate humans who are not fond of cats. If such an individual is invited into the home and tries to banish the Scorpio Cat, it will fail to work.

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