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Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog

Scorpio: Paragon (October 23 – November 21)

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. No matter what breed they are, what gender they belong to and what zodiac they are dominated by- they are the most loyal companion humans can find. Period. 

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog

While the statement above is completely justified, will it not be a little easy for you to understand the nature of your beloved dog if you know a little bit about his/her persona? 

For instance, why is she lying in her kennel so detached? Is he obsessed with his new toy? Why is she so super enthusiastic today? These are the questions that you can get the answers to if you know something about your dog’s zodiac. Of course, you can ignore these questions altogether, but if you truly love your four-legged furry friend, it will be impossible for you to do so. 

A Scorpio dog can be fine by himself/herself. Just like his unique nature intrigues you, he reciprocates that feeling. Seriously! Scorpio dogs are intrigued by the diversity of human nature. If your dog has a lot of doggy friends and is absolutely adored by your friends and family, then it is okay to assume that he/she is a Scorpio dog. 

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog

Scorpio dogs attract others like magnets. Their demonstrative nature and open personality make them very approachable and lovable. In that light, Scorpio dogs can be placed in any position which has to do with a lot of humans. Their enigmatic personality, make them the ideal candidates for such jobs. 

Scorpio dogs love working with others and helping them out. Additional their perceiving power helps them through such situations. During leisure, Scorpio dogs prefer a little quiet time on the couch, a small furball to chew on and such other things that do not require much movement are just ideal during resting time. 

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog

Generally, Scorpio dogs have an irresistible personality and not too many negative points to talk about. They present themselves like who they are and do not like putting on different mannerisms for different people or different occasions. 

Scorpio dogs are always full of enthusiasm and emotions. However, you do not have to read between the lines to understand what they truly mean since these dogs are super genuine. They are the most uncomplicated dogs that you will ever come across. You get what you see. No hide-and-seek! It is for this aspect of their nature that these dogs are so good at forming human bonds and are super cool with children. 

Like their human counterparts, Scorpio dogs too can be very spendy. So if you see that the doggy food jar is almost empty, or your dog’s toys have gone missing, you might want to check with your dog’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Additionally, do not try to dress your Scorpio dog as per your likes. They hate that! Scorpio dogs pick up their clothes to express their individuality and mood. So let them do that!

Below are the different pointers which can help you to know more about your Scorpio dog!

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog
  1. There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog. On the outside, it will be necessary to watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling than that of any other dog.
  2. The Scorpio Dog will be a formidable dog to live up to since this dog considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog.
  3. The life of the Scorpio Dog has but one purpose…self-mastery, which will occupy this dog as long as he or she lives. Sadly, few if any manage to achieve such perfection, often leaving the Scorpio Dog with a personality that is as difficult for the dog to understand as it is for his or her owner.
  4. The Scorpio Dog will either be a best friend or a worst enemy.
  5. These dogs love and hate and never forget, if this dog is wronged in any way, then he or she will never forget. On the other hand, they will also never forget when he or she is treated well.

Horoscope Of A Scorpio Dog

6. This sign is an ideal one for bloodhounds, cocker spaniels, or any dog who needs an acute sense of smell. The sexual prowess of the male Scorpio Dog also makes him an excellent breeder.
7. Physically, the Scorpio Dog is thick-set with handsome features but is not one to reveal feelings through body language. Inscrutable is a word that probably best describes this dog. If the Scorpio Dog is being scolded for some gross misdemeanor, then he or she will calmly sit there as though being told a bedtime story. Moreover, in the midst of a “rant and rave” for any reason, this dog will most probably simply fall asleep.
8. Both genders possess a deep interest in mating. Unfortunately, neutering or spaying does not seem to help much…particularly in the female. Some owners claim that the best answer is to allow her to have at least one litter.

It will be important for any owner of a Scorpio Dog to remember that, as the human, he or she will always be bigger than this dog. Even when the Scorpio Dog attempts to tower over an owner by leaping upon the table, the human should remind himself or herself of that fact. On the whole, the Scorpio Dog will be a healthy specimen with tremendous powers of physical endurance.

Thus, he or she is not one to spend long at the vet’s office or run up large veterinarian bills. Where there is Scorpio Dog, then there should always be a dog-run house. The Scorpio Dog demands (and gets) a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night and those hours of rest will be spent in the warmest and most comfortable place…even if that just happens to be the chair where his or her owner wanted to watch the late-night movie.

Scorpio Dog

This behavior is far from ideal to an owner who possesses a nervous temperament or who lives alone. However, most of the invisible beings noted by the Scorpio Dog will be harmless…it will only be when he or she hides under the bed, too frightened to emerge, that the time will have arrived to call in the police.

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