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Horoscope of Scorpio Pet Birds

Of all the sun signs that we know of, Scorpio is the only star sign which has 7 symbols. It is perhaps for this reason that Scorpios are called the signs of extreme and also explains why animals or humans under this sign are very different from other animals or humans

But how do these symbols affect a Scorpio? Generally, the basic characteristics of a Scorpio remain the same. They evolve based on the symbols which have a strong influence on them. 

Scorpio is the toughest of all the zodiacs. In fact, you can say that Scorpios are vindictive by nature. For instance, Aries, influenced by Mars engage in toe-to-toe combat to settle disputes. But Scorpios don’t run on that fuel. They will wait, even if it is for years and then strike its enemy when the latter is the most vulnerable. This gives Scorpios an element of surprise. 

However, Scorpios are very passionate, loving, loyal protective and sensitive. They make excellent friends as they are great at keeping secrets. However, you do not want to start off with a Scorpio on the wrong foot. 

Scorpios are different from other star signs for two reasons.- one that they are dominated by the seven symbols and two, that two planets rule them instead of one. Mars is authentically the ancient planetary ruler for Scorpio. The planet stands for war, action, activity, and masculinity. It is the connotation of this plant which truly explains the evolution process of a Scorpio- as it moves from one symbol to another. 

Let’s take a look at these various symbols:

The Spider:

This is the lowest symbol in the evolutionary cycle. Most spiders are seen in Scorpio when they are younger. This symbol is generally seen in children who are spoil and mean. Not every Scorpio goes through this symbol. It depends greatly on upbringing actually. 

The Scorpio:

This is a well-known symbol for the constellation arrangement and its name. Though this symbol stands for maturity, animals and people under the influence of this symbol can throw tantrums and have temper issues. 


Animals and people influenced by this symbol have a very timid demeanor. They enjoy observing and watching more than they react. This is the stage when Scorpios seek for revenge. 


Though at this stage Scorpios are extremely dangerous, they tend to move away from a chaotic situation unless their loved ones are threatened. 


At this evolutionary stage, a Scorpio will focus primarily on his/her family and home. The aim of a Scorpio at this stage is to have a nice happy home. If they are left alone to do this, no problem occurs. 

The Eagle or Dove:

This is the most mature stage for a Scorpio. At this stage, a Scorpio is learning, watching and understanding. It becomes more connected to spirituality at this point in their life 

The Phoenix:

This is the ultimate stage in the evolution process for a Scorpio when he/she has reached the highest rungs of maturity. Life can be hard, and a Scorpio knows that full well. At this stage, a Scorpio becomes truly matured, stable and comfortable with life. 

These are the same characteristics that you will notice in your bird if it happens to be a Scorpio. The pointers below will elaborate the characteristics of a Scorpio bird. 

  1. Has very deep-set and penetrating eyes.
  2. Is usually quiet and still.
  3. Possesses a body which is relatively small for the species or breed.
  4. Often appears to analyze or observe situations without reacting.
  5. Rarely becomes angry, but can be vicious when the occasion arises.
  6. Is somewhat emotionally distant.
  7. Is extremely determined and cannot be diverted.
  8. Does not necessarily like the company of other Pets.
  9. Is sometimes difficult to understand. Appears to be rather mysterious in character.
  10. 11.Has a very intense and magnetic personality.

  • 11.Has a very intense and magnetic personality.
  • 12.Is very stubborn.
  • 13. Has a prominent nose when compared to others of the same breed or species.
  • 14. Emits a type of unusual inner strength or power.
  • 15.Is intelligent and/or clever and/or rather sly.
  • 16. Learns quickly and thoroughly, but carries out any request or rule according to personal terms and timetable.
  • 17.Is very independent.
  • 18.Is devious and/or manipulative.
  • 19. Always appears to be watching everything very closely.
  • 20.It seems annoyed by the presence of other Pets.

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