Popular snake names for your hissy pet

Popular snake names for your hissy pet

Are you looking for cool snake names for your pet snake? Well, if you have recently adopted a snake and wish to give it a cute name, the below list will cater to your needs.

As per our research, people generally look for distinctive snake names rather than opting for the common ones. Snake is a very serious-looking animal and petting a snake is not acceptable by all.

  1. Tangia Rose Roxy
  2. Peep Neely Rella
  3. Trixie Sassy Yellow
  4. Bluey Dilly-O Teeki
  5. Hunny Tad Tenor
  6. Brianna Gilbird Shepry
  7. Clay Keno Natasha
  8. Gosha Mick Memphis
  9. Spunky B. Ava
  10. Freefall Crush Margo

However, those who are daring enough to have a snake as pets generally prefer funny snake names to mellow down the seriousness. On the contrary, snake parents sometimes pick badass and cool snake names like Beast or Griphook to maintain the badass snaky feel.

Well, with so many options there is a hell lot of confusion in picking a good snake name for your pet. Pick from the below list of pet snake names and do not wish to thank us later.

Zseedjee Khalu Xari
Szizhai Zarga Szilzess
Rucsheekix Chiszisazs Tarjarthet
Shaarshulzie Aaxazhal Urshushu
Azasha Alsassi Alaike
Antha Olwa Tarma
Jada Irma Vrenda
Vakaksha Dunjusra Kshibhutra
Dhrinolmat Namvradhat Datadga
Khuhlarmiru Chumkhankhija Jasthordana

Tips to choose a name for your snake baby

Consider the following when deciding on a name for your per snake:

  • What color is your snake?
  • What pattern does it have on the skin?
  • What type of climate does it like to live in?
  • What is its personality like?

While there are enormous snake breeds to choose from, corn snakes, ball python and king snakes make the best pet among all.

Badass & Cool snake names

Enlisted below are some creepy and cool snake names to pick for your baby snake.Talking about badass, did you know that Nicolas Cage had a pet cobra name, Sheba.  

Attila Herzog Scorpio
Beast Jericho Ssypro
Blaze Kain Tekken
Calypso Kunkirk Thrasher
Destro Medusa Yoshi
Griphook Metroid Zappa
Hendrix Optimus Badal Haley Puddin

Cute names for snakes

It is a fact that snakes are actually dangerous and some people can actually freak out with snakes around them. However, you really cannot stop anyone to shed their love for whoever they want to.

People who pet snakes generally pick badass names or cute and pleasant names for their hissy baby. While badass is to represent the animal’s personality, cute names are to subside the seriousness and keep it subtle among others who might freak out with snakes around.  

Check out the below list of cute names for snakes. Make sure to pick a catchy one!

Bellatrix –the Latin word for ‘Warrior’ Enfys – welsh for ‘rainbow’
Pandora – meaning ‘all gifted’ Pietro – meaning ‘rock’ in Italian
Razor – sharp like a snake’s teeth! Serendipity – meaning ‘happy chance’
Cerberus – three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades Shesha – the Hindu king of all nagas
Indiana Jones – the adventurer from the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchize Styx – a deity and river, forming the boundary between Earth and the Underworld
Naga – from Indian mythology, part human, part cobra Vasuki – King of the Serpents
Vritra – a serpent in the early Vedic religion Yuki – from Japanese meaning ‘happiness’
Naithair – Irish Gaelic for ‘snake’ Cassandra – a prophetess
Calypso – a kind of West Indian music Solongo
Emerald Hanz
Chaos Floyd Jaques Dracula
Chimera Gilbert Kraken Dude
Cinny Gizmo Levi Sparrow
Consetta Gogo Ludo Ophelia
Cooper Gorgon Maleka Pixie
Delphi Hanz Mindy Riddle
Dita Beatrix Bruno Tigerlily

Cute snake names by Disney

Enlisted below are popular snake names that have been given to the Disney characters. Check out the below list for an interesting list of pet snake names for your new baby.

Fun fact: Did you know that the snake’s name in the jungle book was Kaa.

Hista (THe Legend of Tarzan ) Malcho (Aladdin Series)
Bud (Chip n Dale ) Twister (The Rescuer Down Under)
Larry (The Wild ) Thaddeus E. Klang (Tlespin)
Jafar (Aladdin) Juju (The Princess and The Frog)
Sir Hiss (Robbin Hood )   Krarma

Pet snake names

Well, we have discussed all subcategories of snake names including good, cute and badass. The below list has some of the common and popular pet snake names.

While some people have distinctive choices, others like to keep it low key. We have curated the below list of snake names for such low key snake parents. 

Emerald, Olive, Pea, Grassy, Lime, Aqua are some popular Green snake names

Avalanche Hope Mr. Slithers
Cherelle Inani Pascale – Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Disney’s ‘Tangled’
Chicha Jelly Praline
Coconut Kilim Pringles
Cuba Krunchie Sapphire
Darrol Krypto Saxon – after the ‘Anglo Saxons’
Denzil Lavender Scaglie – Italian for ‘Scales’
Domino Lupin Snoopy
Drizzle Magic Spell
Edna Marwol – Welsh for ‘deadly’ Suzi
Empire Maziwa Swish
Flicker Mika Tiger
Frieze Minty Tiki – associated with the tropical islands of the South Pacific
Glisser Mirana – meaning ‘strange’ Tropic
Guja Mojo Truffle
Hades Morgana Vibora – Spanish for ‘viper’
Honey Mortale – Italian for ‘deadly’ Chalsie Flocky Old

Funny snake names

Sssearching for funny snake names for your new pet snake? Well, I believe that no pet snake is complete without a funny name.

The amount of seriousness the animal has is all subdued when you give funny names to your pet snake. With such cute names, even the hater will start liking your baby snake.

Fluffy Hisstopher Dobby Twigs
Twigs Danger Noodle Mr. Wiggles Monty Python
slinky Slim Jim Jeff Ssssasha

Trust me; snakes are the coolest pets on earth but, only when they are petted in the right manner. So, we suggest some funny and cute names for your baby. Do not forget to tell us which one did you did you find the finniest and your choice too.

Cornito, Snacky, Dorito, and Nacho are some common corn snake names.

Blossom Hisstina Smiles
Buttercup Monty SSSam
Bowser Muffy Snakespeare
Corndog Milksnake Skinny
Comando Muscle Snake Bug
Cuddles Rumplesnakeskin Ssaassss
Fluffy Serpico Snake on

Corn snake names

Cornsnakes makes the best pet snake among other snake breeds. It is easy to pick names for corn snakes because they have cute and unique colors and patterns. While you can pick any name for your pet snake, here are some popular corn snake names used by snake parents at present.

Bindi Maverick Anery
Kasper Cane Zoe
Ivan Hercules Diamond
Zippy Jupiter Shadow
Amber Candy Charisma
Constance Xena Bell
Orion Compso Mac
Clyde Horus Bolek
Anubis Vasuki Chester
Skah Urmel Ty
Finja Callisto Biene

Famous snake names

Famous doesn’t always mean celebs and obviously snakes cannot be celebs. Famous names here means popular or mostly used names by the snake parents.

Yes, you read it right, the below list of pet snake names are some commonly picked one that is liked by everyone.

Bently Donatello
  1. Raphael
  2. Saphira
  3. Sir Hiss
  4. Smaug
  5. Spyro

Female snake names

Looking for a cute snake name for your female hissy friend? Well, now is the time to stop your search as below are enlisted some of the popular, cute and funny female snake names to pick for your new baby snake.

Here’s our handy list of snake names to pick from. Let us tell you that Cassandra, Lucy, Lola, Maleka, Mindy and Sheila are some popular female snake names picked by snake parents.

Guja – meaning ‘snake’ in Croatian Vampire
Hera – ancient greek goddess of women Venus
Ichi – meaning ‘number 1’ in Japanese Verna
Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom and war Lulu, Lucy
Aurora – a natural light display in the sky Mango
Candace, Cassandra Margot
Topaz – a blue gemstone  Serpiente
Sicily Zoe
Xena – a warrior princess Mamushi
Amazon Cherry Moira
Amethyst Cleopatra Moon
Aqua Coral Opal
Guava Hawthorn Pearl
Athena Dharia Poke
Banshee Ebony Queen
Kiki Heaven Rebel
Leaf Linda Samantha
Beauty Electra Silky
Bertha Eve Star
Bubble Giselle Storm

Male snake names

Dude, Milton, Floyd, Hanz, Chauncey, Alan, and Archer are some common male snake names picked by snake parents. However, you can check out the complete list of pet snake names below.  

  1. Titan – a race of deities/one of Saturn’s moons
  2. Toothless – the playful, intelligent dragon from ‘How To Train Your Dragon
  3. Verde – Spanish for ‘green’
  4. Spartacus – a Thracian gladiator
  5. Tiberius – the second Roman emperor
  6. Asmodeus – the Prince of Demons
  7. Pendragon – meaning ‘Chief Dragon’
Killer Rager Spike
Lamar Rango Tank
Mac Rocky Troy
Mitch Rusty Woody
Monster Serge Alpha
Mushu Smaug Diesel
Amos Blue Chief Falcor
Dexter Boris Colt Fang
Benny Bruce Cyan Frank
Bernie Brutus Dagger Gobi
Hercules Homer Hunter Jagger
Bill Bullet Hulk Hendrix

We are sure this article would have helped you find a name for your new family member, which is a snake. If you are a snake lover, you will surely enjoy the idea of keeping an impressive and unique name for your baby.

So, pick an unusual name that stands out among others and does let us know your choice. If in case you did not pick a name from our list, please let us know which one you settled on so that we can add it to our existing list and cater to our snake parent’s need.   

Shay Snakey Royal Rory
Yum Panda Charming Snakeeeeyyyyyy
Peter Antha Jada
Szurthe Hoziz Erakzi
Ilaa Seros Vamvra
Iecsesi Aya Akhaswa

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